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What Is 811?

Does your sign installer get underground utilities marked before installing your sign? Well we do – for FREE.

The Importance Of Calling 811

“Smart digging means knowing where utility lines are buried before you dig in order to protect yourself from injury and prevent damage to underground utility lines. One easy call to 811 starts the process of getting underground utility lines marked for FREE. Homeowners [and some real estate agents] often make risky assumptions about getting their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a cal.  Digging without calling can disrupt utility service to an entire neighborhood, harm you and those around you, and potentially result in fines and high repair costs.”

The Sign PostMan Advantage

At no additional charge to our customers, Sign PostMan calls 811 (Sunshine State One Call of Florida) to get underground utilities marked before we dig.  The locating and marking of underground utilities before digging avoids the liability and potential fines associated with not calling 811.

If anyone promises sign installation within two days, they are not following the legal requirement to call 811 before digging.  Utility companies have two business days (after the request) to locate and mark any underground lines.

Signs are always installed within two business days of Sign PostMan being notified by Sunshine State One Call of Florida (SSOCOF) that underground utilities have been marked. Removals are done within two business days of receipt of your removal order.

Make the right choice about 811 – call Sign PostMan!

For more info about this free service, feel free to visit Sunshine811.com.